Saturday, September 09, 2006

Life Goes On

All In The Family...

Dennis seemed to be a little better overall today. Now that his arm is set and on a splint, he can pick it up with his other arm and move it. He is still in a lot of pain, but it's not as bad as the first two days.

Today he had solid food and he was bathed, so he made a couple of big steps back toward the land of the living.

The orthopedic surgeon stopped by and talked to us again. He told us that Dennis would have to keep his arm in a sling for about three weeks, and after that, he will have a removable brace thing to wear for a while. He can take it off to shower.

The other surgeon said that he wanted to keep Dennis one more day in ICU where he's hooked up to monitors. If the spleen continues to behave itself and Dennis continues to improve, he may get out of ICU tomorrow and possibly go home on Monday. They won't put any sort of bandage on the broken ribs, and it will take five or six weeks for them to heal.

Tomorrow, I will go to the hospital at 10:00 (the earliest they will allow me to visit) so I can hear what the doctor has to say. After that I'll come home for a couple hours to do a little housecleaning and change the sheets on the bed in preparation for Dennis to come home. Then Isaac and I will go back to the hospital to visit again.

I am so sleepy that I'm nearly nodding off over the keyboard, so I am going to bed!

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