Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Life of Skittles

All In The Family...


Skittles is Isaac's cat. She's a ruthless hunter, a shameless hedonist, and a tempermental diva* clothed in fur and equipped with fangs and claws.

When she's happy, she expresses it profusely. When she's cross, she disciplines anyone who errs in her presence. And when she's in huntress mode, don't twitch.

Skittles in the shadeI've seen her lie on the sidewalk in the full sun of a hot day, soaking until she's liquified, but yesterday she felt good resting on the moss in the shade of the old maple's trunk.

Today she feels good sleeping in the old wooden bowl that is supposed to be a place to throw car keys.

Rest assured that Skittles does only what feels good.

Bowlful of Skittles

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*When I originally wrote this I called her a "temperamental schizophrenic" (thinking of her radical mood changes and the slang term, "schizo",) but after reading some definitions of schizophrenia, I think "diva" is a much more accurate word to describe her.

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heelers said...

A real portrait of a cat of character Gen!
My favourite photo was the top one.

Genevieve said...

She's got character, all right. Even when you pet her, you have to be careful. For example, if she's really grooving on having her whiskers stroked in just the right way, it makes her very angry to have her paws or tummy (forbidden parts) touched. That spoils everything. She has to go, and she might give you a scratch as punishment as she leaves. But when she's happy, she'll slurp kitty kisses all over your face. For some reason, we're quite attached to her.

heelers said...

The dignity of creatures!
Diva was the perfect word.

Tudorw said...


That's a cool looking cat that you have there !

WW said...

Hi Skittles!

My name is Skittles, too. Actually my full name is Skittles, The Cat.

I haven't been on the carnival of cats for awhile. I am starting again this Sunday.

Come visit me sometime at:

Skittles, The Cat.

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