Thursday, November 23, 2006

Crazy Quilt

Life in Christian County, Kentucky...

Baby and Crazy Quilt

I bought this old photograph for 25¢ at the Peddler's Mall in Hopkinsville a few days ago. I found it in a stack of old family photos, and I have no idea who the baby was or why anyone would sell its photograph.

Maybe the photograph documents two of the most precious things the parents of this baby possessed -- the baby in its christening gown and an exquisitely embellished crazy quilt.

Or then again, maybe the crazy quilt was a prop that the photographer used with all the babies.

Either way, the quilt is beautiful. I notice that on the right side below the baby's hand, there seems to be a vine with appliqued flowers.

Just as a guess, I'd say the photo might have been taken in the 1920's. I say that because it reminds me a little of my mother's baby picture.

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Limey said...

One thing I regret about my time spent living in the USA is not buying a gorgeous hand stitched quilt when I had the chance. It was in a sale in Clarksville at a store in the mall, and had quite a hefty reduction on it. But since I was not earning (not allowed to without a permit apparently) I had to pass it by. I guess I'll just put it down to one of life's if only............

Neurotic Mom said...

Happy Thanksgiving

Genevieve said...

I swear, I thought I responded to y'all's comments! I remember typing it out -- something must have happened and I didn't post it.

Limey, I have some of the same regrets about a few things I didn't buy in Germany and Bolivia.

And Mom, I hope your Thanksgiving was great! (From what I read in your blog, I think you had a nice time with your brother.)

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