Friday, November 03, 2006

Nearest Book Meme

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This is from Sarabeth's blog:

1. Grab the nearest book.

2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the text of the next four sentences on your blog, along with these instructions.

5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest!

(Quoted from I once was HP)

The nearest book for me was Roget's Thesaurus, and it has no sentences on page 123, so I've disqualified it.

The second nearest book was Huckleberry Finn. I'm not reading it, but I guess Isaac must be.

"I ain't undisposed. What's your line -- mainly?"

"Jour printer, by trade; do a little in patent medicines; theatre-actor -- tragedy, you know; take a turn at mesmerism and phrenology when there's a chance; teach singing; geography school for a change; sling a lecture, sometimes -- oh I do lots of things -- most anything that comes handy, so it ain't work. What's your lay?"

(Four sentences from page 123 of a paperback edition of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain)

This was entertaining to do. What's your nearest book?

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RunAwayImagination said...

The first book I picked up was a children's book, "Gus was a Friendly Ghost," that didn't have 123 pages. The next was "Zen - Images, Texts and Teachings," which had the requisite number of pages, but page 123 didn't have five sentences. Finally I picked up "10,000 Dreams Interpreted," and on page 123 I found five sentences, the fifth being:

"For a mother to carry fresh flowers to a cemetery, indicates that she may expect the continued good health of her family."

limey said...

The nearest book; The curious incident of the dog in the night - time.
Page 123, fifth sentence: And then the door of my bedroom opened and Father said,'What are you doing'?

Makes you kinda want to know more doesn't it?

I've got no idea what the book is about because my wife is the only one to have read it. :)

GreenmanTim said...

"Guns, Germs and Steel" by Jared Diamond. Page 123 6-9th sentences:

"Much as the Industrial revolution changes the environment for moths, farming changed the environment for plants. A tilled, fertilized, watered, weeded garden provides growing conditions very different from those on a dry, unfertilized hillside. Many changes in plants under domestication resulted from such changes in conditions and hence in the favored types of individuals. For example, when a farmer sows seeds densely n a garden, there is intense competition among the seeds."

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