Tuesday, November 14, 2006

On The Road Again

All In The Family...

Dennis and bike

Some people really don't know when to say, "Enough!" Here is Dennis with his bike. He's determined to get back on the road. You can see how he's decked out in full safety garb (and also, how he's too thin for his clothing!)

Ten weeks have passed since his accident. He's doing very well, but I'm a little nervous about that bike and perhaps he is also.

A few days ago, when he came back from his walk, he said a big pickup truck with dual wheels in back had come up behind him on the highway. He said the unique sound of those rear duals was very much like the sound of the vehicle that hit him. We'll never know, I'm sure, but we can't help wondering who... and why...

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Neurotic Mom said...

After that i would be too scared to go back.

Genevieve said...

I think he is a little nervous, but determined not to be overcome by his fears. He wants to get back into shape and the bicycle is his first choice of fitness-enhancers. He hasn't been out on the highway much yet. He is still pedaling up and down the flat stretch of our gravel road to build up his stamina.

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