Monday, November 20, 2006

Shelving I Built

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Shelves I built

The new shelves in our shed, pictured above, are my handiwork. They're made with 2x4 uprights, 2x3 shelf supports, and 1/2 inch plywood, all held together by decking screws. I had the lumber yard rip the sheets of plywood in half for me.

I built the set of shelves on the left last summer, and I just got finished with the other set.

A real carpenter could probably have put these together in a few hours. I built the first set in one day, but it took me a couple of days to build the second set around the two windows. I had to contemplate a while between some of the construction steps. I also had to do some extra bracing.

Even though my techniques are rather primitive, I try to keep it neat and square and make it sturdy. I enjoyed doing the woodworking. That's why this post fits into the category of "my various hobbies."

I should add that if I had to use hand tools, I wouldn't be so enthusiastic. Power tools are wonderful.

The "chores and duties" part of this post pertains to the job of organizing all that junk, hauling it up the ladder and putting it in place. My extra canning jars are on the top shelf at right. (Yes, the entire shelf, except for the fishing poles.) I washed them all and repacked them before putting them up there. Oh, the virtue of it all.

At least the shed is nice and neat, even if my house became a wreck while I was working on the shed!

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the.chronicler said...

That's downright impressive. Good job. I admire good, clean, sturdy shelf construction.

Arnie said...

Next time you're in Nashville you can build some shelving in my garage!

Genevieve said...

Power tools, guys. Power tools are the answer. I particularly recommend a power miter box. Even when you're just doing butt joints, the miter box cuts the 90° angles clean, straight and fast. The only thing I'm sorry about that saw is that it is too small to cut a 2x6.

athometrixie said...

I am so jealous. I wish I had power tools so I could make some nice shelving like that! Several years ago I took a series of classes at Home Depot University so I could participate in a home rebuilding and renovation program. We had classes once a week for several weeks to become familiar with electricity, plumbing, installng doors and windows, building cabinets and the like. I loved working with the tools. I think maybe I'll check into some more classes like that!

Genevieve said...

I've acquired my tools over a fairly lengthy period of time and various home improvement projects. If there is one single tool that is a real lifesaver, it's a power drill, and it could be rented if you don't want to buy it. The cordless kind is convenient, but the standard plug-in kind is cheaper to buy and a lot more reliable. You can have the lumber yard cut your lumber to size for a project like this, and with the drill, you can pilot drill the holes with a small bit, then install the screws with a screwdriver head. You could do it, Trixie!

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