Saturday, November 18, 2006

Songs of the Mississippi

And What I Think About It...

I've been listening to a great CD every time I sit at the computer these last few days -- "Natural Encounters: Songs of the Mississippi." If you like instrumental blues, I think you will love this album. Or it would make a great Christmas present for someone.

The various pieces are interspersed with the sound of the river, and I find myself just drifting along with it. It's very nicely done, very relaxing, and the various selections are simultaneously melancholy and upbeat.

Oddly enough, I just happened across the album, much like the fellow who wrote a highly favorable review on MSN shopping. His story could almost be my own.

I have been imagining floating down a river like Huckleberry Finn and Jim. Every time they went back to the river and got away from the shore, they escaped their troubles. It was when they came ashore that life got complicated.

This is a good time to mention a blog I recently added to the blogroll: Riverside Rambles, written by Larry, a naturalist from Hannibal, MO -- Mark Twain's hometown -- on the banks of the Mississippi River. I have always wanted to visit Hannibal, and someday I shall.

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Larry Ayers said...

Thanks for the mention, Genevieve! I've been enjoying your writing as well!

Genevieve said...

You have a great blog, Larry, and I find something interesting there every time I stop by.

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