Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dry Conditions in Kentucky

Life in Christian County, Kentucky... Life in The Upper South... And What I Think About It...

Driving through a rain storm

I wish this was a recent photo of rain on my windshield, but it's not. This photo was taken on May 3 as we were driving through some rain squalls in the northern part of the county. We didn't get any rain at home that day, and we haven't had a good rain since. It is getting dry in Kentucky.

May is typically one of the wetter months of the year here. The May rains help build up soil moisture to carry us through the hot dry months of July and August. But not this year.

The lawn is looking burnt in places already, and the dust from the gravel road is terrible every time someone drives by our place. Thank goodness we have a tall hedge between us and the road that catches a little of the dust.

I've been watering the garden, and I'm sure the farmers wish they could water their field crops. Irrigation is not common here. It's hard to get an adequate well. A few farmers have ponds that they can irrigate from (until the ponds go dry.)

This morning, I heard a weather report on one of the news networks. The reporter read the forecast for the nation, and when she came to the southeast U.S., she waved her arm across that part of the map and said it would be a "beautiful dry weekend."

Beautiful dry weekend? Doesn't she know that 585,000 acres have burned in Georgia and Florida? The fires have been burning for weeks, bringing misery and anguish to thousands and thousands of people. Even in Kentucky, we've had hazy days of poor air quality from the smoke coming off the fires.

I know she can't put rain into the forecast, but she could choose her words with a little more empathy.

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