Thursday, May 10, 2007

High School Graduation Events

All In The Family...

Isaac's senior year in high school is rapidly drawing to a close. This afternoon I am going with him to register at Hopkinsville Community College (HCC) where he will be a freshman next year.

Isaac recently received a scholarship to HCC. With it and his Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES), all of his tuition is covered, and he can live at home.

If he earns an associate's degree at HCC, he can transfer to University of Kentucky as a junior and continue to pay the HCC rate per semester hour. If he works part-time, he should be able to graduate without crippling debt, though he'll probably have to take some loans eventually.

Tonight we have the year-end choir concert. They always have the "Senior Wave" at the end of the spring concert. As the choir sings in the background, they show baby pictures of the seniors, interspersed with images of them waving goodbye while holding posters with messages to family and friends. I know I will shed a few tears of emotion about our fine young people who are becoming adults and going out into the world.

During the next week, we'll have Baccalaureate, Graduation, and some other senior events. My brother Dwight, who lives in Kansas, is coming for Graduation and he will visit a few days thereafter, or at least I'm hoping he will. All in all, it's going to be busy around here, so if I miss a day or two of posting, please check back later. Thanks.

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