Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hopkinsville High School Baccalaureate, 2007

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The Hopkinsville High School Baccalaureate was held last Sunday night, May 13. Here are a few photos taken before the event.

Our son in graduation garb: cap and gownOur senior, Isaac
High School gym ready for BaccalaureateBefore the event

Isaac joins the Class of 2007Isaac joins his class
Baccalaureate program

This should be a carefree, joyful week for Isaac, but sadly enough, someone stole his Ipod out of his backpack at school today. He's pretty sick about it. We have offered a reward, but we're not very hopeful. Isaac's name and phone number are engraved on the Ipod, so maybe that will at least deprive the thief of some of the joy of showing it off.

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Belladonna said...

My heart goes out to Isaac. Being robbed truly sucks. It's bad enough losing something that mattered to you, but beyond that the sense of violation caused by someone deliberately taking your property - whether large or small - feels creepy and mean.

Even more than the loss of the iPod I wonder how he feeling about his school days ending? For some the accomplishment of graduation is sweet - for others it is torn with ambivalence. There's the whole hype about graduation. You spend years, months, weeks building up to this moment and then suddenly it's all over and you realize that overnight your whole life has changed. People move on...some lose touch. For many, even the tightest friendships are never the same again. New expectations come crashing. Suddently the stakes of the choices you make feel different.

(of course, I say this like I know, but I never graduated high school, so maybe I'm talking out the back of my head...but having seen it vicariously through my own sons it does appear that for some it can be a discombobulating time indeed.)

Whatever he chooses to do next...I wish him well!

Genevieve said...

It's nice of you to stop by, Belladonna, and thank you for your kind words of understanding to Isaac. It's just truly evil when someone steals your stuff -- not because they need it but because they want it without earning it.

Yes, I think Isaac is having some mixed feelings about leaving high school. He's sorry that his friends will be going separate ways over the next few months. On the other hand, he's glad to be getting away from some people and some of his classes.

He wants and needs to find a job and that's a source of anxiety right now too.

He already has his class schedule for college this fall, and I can tell he's excited about that.

robin said...

Congratulations, Isaac.

May God bless you to find a job that will help you to do what God has gifted you to do in the future. Also, I pray that your time in college is a time of personal growth and happiness.

Genevieve said...

Isaac is my most faithful reader, and he will appreciate your good wishes, Robin.

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