Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Red Clover, A Favorite of Mine

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Red clover blossom

I love red clover blossoms. I love their fragrance.

I'd have sworn that red clover was a North American wildflower, but it's a native of Europe, western Asia and northwestern Africa (according to Wikipedia.) Nonetheless, it is the state flower of Vermont. Obviously, it has been naturalized on this continent for a long time.

Clover blossoms right now are about as nice as they will be all summer in Kentucky. Both the red clover and white clover are blooming profusely as farmers prepare to make the first cutting of hay. It would be a good time to pick some blossoms and make a batch of clover "honey".

I've bought a pound of white clover seed a couple of times and sprinkled it across the part of our little property that we call "the meadow," (an optimistic label.) Rabbits love the clover leaves and blossoms, and groundhogs have also come to feast. I enjoyed seeing them. Now, little by little, the grass has choked out most of the clover. I should sprinkle some more seed.

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heelers said...

The picture on your blog template is perfection.

Genevieve said...

Thanks, James. I like it. It's a crop of a photo I took just a few miles from where we live. It's not a prairie because it has far too many trees, but we do have a bluestem grass that's native here.

I'm looking forward to swapping out the photo for a new look from time to time through the year.

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