Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hopkinsville High School Choir Spring Concert

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Hopkinsville High School choir concertAdvanced Choir at HHS Spring Concert 2007

Last Thursday night, the Hopkinsville High School (HHS) Choir performed at Second Baptist Church in Hopkinsville. I thought we were arriving early, but as you can see, we didn't get front-row seats.

I tried taking a few photos during the concert, but this is the only one that turned out at all. I had to hold my camera high above my head and I wasn't steady enough to get a clear photo. Isaac is somewhere in that photo.

Both our children were members of the HHS Choir, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every choir concert I've ever attended. I'd like to attend future concerts, but I'll have to pay attention to learn when and where they are since I won't have a ready source of info (no choir member in the family anymore.)

Keely was fortunate to be in the HHS Choir while Barbara Felts was still teaching vocal music. Isaac also sang for Mrs. Felts for his first year of choir.

Then Ms. Felts retired and we've had a young but promising director for the last three years: Rebecca May. She is leaving HHS to take a job in a high school music program in Clarksville, TN, next fall (a shorter commute for her and more money.)

During Isaac's choir years, the choir pianist has been Wil Houchens, a classmate and friend of Isaac's from our neighborhood. Wil is a gifted pianist with a great future in the instrument. The HHS Choir is going to miss him next year!

All of this leaves the HHS choir in a state of flux and vulnerability. I hope HHS finds a competent vocal music teacher to fill the position. HHS has a long history of prize-winning choirs. The program has been a pride and joy to the entire community.

More importantly, the HHS choir has been a great place for young people to learn music, performance skills, and discipline, to develop talents they'll enjoy the rest of their lives, and to excel in a non-athletic, non-academic, non-competitive setting.

It would be a shame if the excellence of the HHS choir program erodes, and mediocrity take its place.

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