Thursday, May 24, 2007

Flats of Flowers

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Flats of bedding plants

I took this photo a few days ago. K-Mart has either received a fresh shipment of flowers or has been doing a beautiful job of caring for the ones they have in stock.

If you estimate that each 6-pack is worth about $2.00, there's quite a bit of money in this photo. I can't decide exactly how many flats there are, but there are at least 15, and each flat holds at least six 6-packs (or more if they're the itty-bitty 6-packs.) So that's at least $180 in flowers if they sell them all and don't let any die from neglect.

I did buy some petunias and impatiens . They always do well in pots for me. I planted some flats of small marigolds and they're currently living on the front porch until they get big enough to transplant to the garden. I should have started the seeds a little sooner, but they'll grow quickly and bloom until we have a hard freeze next fall.

Volunteer zinnias are coming up in the garden from last year's flowers so I will transplant some of them into a clump or row and let them grow.

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