Friday, August 10, 2007

Ten Ways I've Changed Since High School

Me, almost 40 years later

1. I have very little patience for shopping for clothes, nowadays.

2. It's easier to guess the ages of people now.

3. My handwriting is worse, but I can sew much nicer.

4. I think little children are truly precious, not just cute.

5. I don't shrug off the risk of getting a sunburn anymore.

6. I spend a lot less time curling my hair.

7. I wear much brighter lipstick now.

8. I go to church and Sunday School voluntarily.

9. I am more interested in the news than in pop culture.

10. I am more interested in being left alone than in socializing.

Just for the record, I graduated in 1969. How can it be that nearly forty years have passed?! Actually, this was a list of some differences between being a senior citizen (a young senior, that is!) and a teenager.

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Mrs. Mom said...

What a fun comparison list! That could be my list too LOL I graduated in '79 and I wonder, how can it be that nearly 30 years have passed. My DH's 30 year class reunion is this year. It just doesn't seem possible.

Genevieve said...

The older you get, the faster time flies!

That brings to mind something else I should have put on the list -- I'm not looking forward anymore to being a few years older!

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