Sunday, September 10, 2006

Homecoming Week

All In The Family...


Here's Isaac with his tricorne all brushed and ready for Hat Day at school tomorrow. He will very possibly have the coolest hat on campus.

Isaac bought this hat at an SCA event last spring, and I got the feather for him at the Tenn-Ren Festival. We tacked up the sides tonight. I hope the tacks last through the day, because they are just a 4-strand stitch of thread! If his brim comes down, his personna will change a little but it's a unique hat either way.

It's Homecoming Week at Hopkinsville High School, and each day has a different theme. I think one day is Pajama Day, and I can't remember what the other days are. The week of costumes ends with Spirit Day (school colors) on Friday.

The homecoming football game will be on Friday night. Alumni of Hopkinsville High School will be recognized at the game, and previous band members are invited to bring their instruments and play along with the band. At halftime, a Homecoming King and Queen will be crowned.

Most high schools and colleges throughout the U.S. have homecoming events. One purpose of the event is to create and sustain affection for the alma mater -- affection that might eventually translate into financial support.

Homecoming customs vary in different regions. For example, Hopkinsville has both football and basketball homecomings, but I don't think most Nebraska schools had a basketball homecoming when I was growing up. The high school I attended had a basketball homecoming, but that was only because it was a small school and it didn't have a football program.


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Collagemama said...

On my most recent closet purge, I came upon a tricorne hat all my kids used for a variety of school projects from Colonial Minuteman to French Baroque picnic. I still can't manage to throw it in the trash. It's the same black/green color scheme. It has attached fake hair made of shredded pantyhose and liquid Sta-Flo starch.

Homecoming traditions in Texas are so outrageous and expensive it's good to read about Hopkinsville's celebration that actually concerns former students playing along with the band.

Genevieve said...

There's a homecoming dance but it's not formal. I think Isaac is wearing a black shirt and jeans.

I have always liked the idea of letting the former band members play with the band for homecoming. Most participants are kids who've just been out of school a year or two. In their heart of hearts, they probably miss band a little.

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