Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Patient Is Improving

All In The Family...

It's been just 2-1/2 weeks since Dennis's accident -- even though it feels like it happened a couple of months ago. I'm happy to report that he's doing a little better every day!

Dennis went back to Dr. Robb, the orthopedic surgeon, last Wednesday and had the clamps taken out of the incisions in his arm. Dr. Robb was pleased that he's healing well. He gave Dennis a few simple exercises to help him regain flexibility.

Yesterday, Dennis had an appointment with Dr. Love, the surgeon who would have taken out his spleen had it come to that. Dr. Love said Dennis can start taking some short walks outside, but to avoid any bumps or jolts that could dislodge the clots where his spleen is healing.

Dennis still isn't sleeping very soundly, but he spends part of the night in the recliner and he can get out of it without help. When he gets tired of sleeping in it, he gets in bed, and then I do have to wake up and help him when he needs to get up. When I help him up from bed, I notice that he's much stronger now than he was a week and a half ago.

The folks at church decided that we needed help, and several of the ladies have brought us food. It truly was helpful at first, but we're doing so much better now that I'm going to call the mastermind of this food-bringing and put a stop to it if anyone else shows up.

Dennis has received about a zillion get-well cards, and many friends and neighbors have called or stopped by to say hello. Several of the neighbor ladies have also sent food.

We're humbled, yet strengthened, by the genuine concern, heartfelt good-will, and earnest prayers that have been offered by many people.

I am thankful that I haven't yet heard Dennis express extreme bitterness about his injuries, (other than referring to the (ir)responsible driver as "that s.o.b. that hit me"). Tonight he talked a little about some of the plans we were making before all this happened.

His ribs are still painful and his arm is still in a brace. He tires quickly, and he still needs pain medicine, but he's made great strides toward recovery since he crawled out of that ditch. Thanks be to God.

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I can't change it now, but I should have titled this, "The Patient Is Getting Well," not "The Patient Is Improving." (The patient is pretty much the same guy he's always been. I haven't noticed any improvement at all.)

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Trixie said...

This is good news. Glad to read it. I hope Dennis continues to get better day by day. The body can be an amazing thing when it's recovering from injury. Sometimes it happens so fast I think we could almost watch it happen.

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