Sunday, September 03, 2006


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I was tagged by Neurotic Mom:

1) Are you happy/satisfied with your blog's content and look?

Yes. Most of the content here is original and I have a creator's pride in it. The page looks a lot like it always has, but I love the Blogger Beta widgets that make it much easier to change the components of the page.

2) Does your family know about your blog?

Yes. A few family members read it, and the rest think it's more evidence that I'm nuts.

3) Do you feel embarrassed to let your friends know about your blog? Do you consider it a private thing?

Some of my close friends know about the blog, and I will probably include the blog URL along with my e-mail address and mailing address in my Christmas cards. Anyone who's interested can read. I don't put anything here that I'm ashamed of.

On the other hand, I'd feel really odd announcing at church that I have a blog. Many of the older folks there don't even have the internet and would have no idea what a blog was.

4) Did blogging cause positive changes in your thoughts?

I have started thinking that I should write down more of my childhood memories.

5) Do you only open the blogs of those who comment on your blog or do you love to go and discover more by yourself?

I like to check out the blogs on other people's blogrolls and the blogs of commenters on blogs I like.

6) What does a visitor counter mean to you? Do you like having one on your blog?

I enjoy knowing that people are coming to the blog. Looking at the visitor counter is part of the fun of blogging.

7) Did you try to imagine your fellow bloggers and give them real pictures?

I don't spend much time thinking about what someone looks like if he/she hasn't posted a photo.

8) Admit. Do you think there is any real benefit in blogging?

Some people seem to find release for their emotions and frustrations in blogging. For myself, I enjoy the writing.

9) Do you think that blogger's society is isolated from the real world or interaction with events?

No -- on the contrary, many bloggers have extreme interaction with real events.

10) Does criticism annoy you or do you feel it's a normal thing?

I don't think anyone has ever posted any real criticism here, probably because I don't post very controversial stuff. (I don't feel like arguing here.) Some trolls have passed through and posted garbage which I deleted.

11) Do you fear some political blogs and avoid them?

Fear? No, I don't fear them, but I don't read the ones that make me mad. :D

12) Were you shocked by the arrest of some bloggers?

I'm not aware of bloggers who have been arrested, but I did hear about one that was fired. It's only logical that you should be held responsible for what you blog.

13) What do you think will happen to your blog after you die?

Hopefully, someone will print it off and save it for the grandkids.

14) What do you like to hear? What song would you like to link to on your blog?

Probably a piano boogie-woogie or a nice minor Lutheran hymn.

15) Five bloggers to be the next "victims"?

Anyone is welcome to copy and use these questions, but I think these bloggers are most likely to respond...
Work In Progress and/or Runaway Imagination
Philip Plympton
Collage Mama

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Sarabeth said...

Yes, I'll do it. I just need to find the time.

Genevieve said...

I enjoyed reading your answers, Sarabeth. Personally, I've never done a tag before, but I thought this one was rather interesting.

Pondering Pig said...

Genevieve, I wish you really would write down more of your childhood memories. Not too many people in our generation went to a one room schoolhouse in their front garden!

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