Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Eat Vegetables, Stay Sharp

Some Interesting News...

Vitamin E-rich vegetables could slow cognitive decline
Decision News Media by Stephen Daniells
October 24, 2006

Eating about three portions of green leafy, yellow and cruciferous vegetables every day could slow loss of mental function as we age by 40 per cent, suggests a new study.

"Compared to people who consumed less than one serving of vegetables a day, people who ate at least 2.8 servings of vegetables a day saw their rate of cognitive change slow by roughly 40 percent," said study author Martha Clare Morris, ScD, with Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

"This decrease is equivalent to about five years of younger age,” she said. (Source)

SaladI like only a few cooked vegetables, but I could happily eat a big salad for supper every night. I like a salad with a mixture of raw vegetables, several kinds of greens, and a little shredded cheese, boiled egg, or chopped chicken breast or ham.

My husband is a skinny guy who can eat anything and never gain weight, and he wants something more substantial than salad for supper. He wants cooked vegetables, potatoes, and meat, and he'd love to have some rolls or cornbread with it. If he's going to eat something raw, he'd rather eat fruit than vegetables.

Supper is the main meal that I cook each day. I don't enjoy my kitchen enough to prepare two meals for supper, so I usually fix the sort of food Dennis wants. I should be eating the big salad, though. It would be a much healthier meal for me for various reasons.

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Neurotic Mom said...

I've been lazy on leaving comments lately. You been posting some absolutely gorgeous pictures. I love the scenery pictures. Hope Dennis is doing much better.

Genevieve said...

He is doing much better, but is still mending. I'll have to post an update on him, one of these days. Good to hear from you, Mom!

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