Sunday, October 29, 2006

HHS Choir at Alhambra Theatre

Alhambra Theatre in Hopkinsville, KY

Alhambra TheatreAlhambra Theatre in Hopkinsville, KY.
I tried to hold steady, but needed a tripod.

The Hopkinsville High School advanced choir (including Isaac) had a busy weekend of performances at the Alhambra Theatre in Hopkinsville. They performed twice on Friday and again on Saturday night.

Alhambra Theatre interiorRestored interior of the Alhambra
The show was"100 Years Of Broadway," and it featured "music from Tin Pan Alley to state-of-the-art, contemporary Broadway... a glimpse of our history and the trials and triumphs that Americans have endured for a century." (quoted from the showbill.)

The two shows on Friday were for elementary and middle school music classes . The show on Saturday night was for the general public, and Dennis and I attended with Keely and her boyfriend Taurus. It's always exciting to visit the Alhambra; it has a dramatic Arabian Nights atmosphere.

Hopkinsville High School ChoirIsaac steps to the front.
The performance was great! Many of the choir members had short solos. Isaac and two of his "friend girls" sang The Ballad of Sweeney Todd . I was so impressed with all the beautiful young voices.

The HHS advanced choir has been invited to represent the state of Kentucky at Jamestown's 400th Anniversary in Virginia next spring. This weekend's performances were fundraisers for that trip.

The Hopkinsville High School Choir has a long history of excellence. It was directed by Barbara Felts for about 30 years. When Ms. Felts retired several years ago, Rebecca May became the director. Ms. May had a hard act to follow, but she has made the kids work hard, insisted on their best, and earned their respect and affection.

Isaac's soloIsaac's solo
It has always been an award-winning choir, and they have always taken trips to compete and perform. When Keely was in advanced choir during her senior year, they went to Chicago to perform at an invitational competition. She still remembers that trip as a highlight of her senior year. The trip to Jamestown will be like that for Isaac.

I have talked about the advanced choir, but the choir program also includes two freshman choirs, the intermediate choir, and the chamber ensemble (a small group that performs a capello.) Isaac is a bass in chamber as well as advanced choir. I love the fact that this great choir program exists in a public school.

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limey said...

I have had the pleasure of seeing one of Mrs Felts Christmas concerts (I can't remember the venue except it was a downtown church) I have met her briefly only once and her daughter was good friends with the daughter of our friends in hoptown I have also known her husband Nathan for many years, all in all quite a remarkable bunch. One thing has always puzzled me though. Why is theatre sometimes spelt ...ter and sometimes ...tre?

Genevieve said...

The Christmas concert you remember was almost surely in the First Baptist Church. Ms. Felts had it there for a long time. When the Conference Center was built, First Baptist decided to discontinue this tradition.

Ms. Felts is now giving private lessons and working with community choral groups at a performing arts center that has been started in the old Patriot Chevrolet building. The daughter (I heard) is the music teacher at Hopkinsville Middle School.

Over the years, Ms. Felts has done a wonderful thing for vocal music in Hopkinsville. Many of our residents were in one of her choral groups in high school.

I'm really pleased that the choir program is retaining high standards under Ms. May.

Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

Hey Genevieve! Isaac's choir sounds awesome, and I bet you were darn proud of him =) I'm a choir mom too - my daughter sings in our public h.s.'s Concert Choir, and my husband sings in our local Barbershop group. Lisa will be singing a solo at the Repertory Theatre in Old Bisbee for Christmas, so she's pretty excited (and a bit nervous, of course). Please tell Isaac congrats...and to keep on singing =)

Genevieve said...

Yes, I was proud of him. He was nervous ahead of time but he did great! And I was proud of all the choir members. It's so good to hear their beautiful voices. I think you know what I mean, Peggi. :)

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