Friday, October 13, 2006

Words for Parenting

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In case you don't have enough cliches and trite sayings to torment your children with, the Daily Record (UK) has an article devoted to the subject today.

Mother Knows Best
By Brian Mciver, 13 October 2006
THEY'RE the phrases and sayings that everyone used to be told off with as a child.

From the threat of feeling the back of a parent's hand to being warned to "take that look off your face" or being told "I believe you, thousands wouldn't", they are the cliches that dominated our younger years.

I remember that my mother would always say, "You'll just have to look around," when I asked about something I'd misplaced. It wasn't the answer I wanted!

And then there was, "Stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about!" which adults said when they were irritated and probably had given you a warning swat already. I wasn't abused in any way, but I did hear this saying a few times and I didn't like it.

The article is in a Scottish paper, and it's interesting to see which of their tried and true parental sayings appear in American culture and which ones we grew up without.

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