Sunday, January 14, 2007

Casper the Climber

All In The Family...

Casper has climbed a few feet up some tree trunks before, but he outdid himself this morning. When we were ready to leave for church and wanted him to come inside, he was nowhere to be found. Then we heard his distressed little kitty voice high in the old maple tree.

Of course, we could have gone on to church and he probably would have scrambled and clutched his way down eventually. But instead, we spent the next 15 minutes, standing under the tree, trying to coax him down.

Finally, he inched down the slanted side of the trunk far enough that Isaac could reach him by standing on the step ladder. We put him in the house and zoomed to church. We were only five minutes late.

This seems to be a rite of passage with kittens -- they just have to climb to some place that they can't get down from. I remember that we had to get Skittles off the roof of the house when she was a kitten. Apparently, she jumped to it from a tree branch and then she didn't want to jump back. Kitty got onto the neighbor's roof somehow and had to be rescued.

Casper hasn't been on the roof yet, but it wouldn't surprise me to find him there. It's probably a good thing that we have caps on the chimneys.

This is Casper's third appearance in the Carnival of the Cats.


Limey said...

I've often wondered why cats climb trees when they are generally hopeless at getting back down. They wouldn't ever in a million years be quick enough to catch a bird. My own theory is that like mountain climbers they do it 'because it is there'

Genevieve said...

Going up is easy but coming down is hard! Isn't it always that way?!

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