Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ten Things About Spring I'll Enjoy!

Life in Christian County, Kentucky...

Well, actually, I thought of nine things with no trouble at all:

1. Taking a walk without freezing to death
2. No more frosty windshields
3. Hearing the frogs sing the first time
4. Opening the windows to let in the fresh air
5. Watching the trees get their leaves again
6. Putting away the mittens and caps for the last time
7. Walking barefoot under the old maple where the moss is a velvet carpet
8. Seeing the baby calves in the pastures
9. The fragrance of fresh-cut grass and wild garlic*

And Isaac gave me one more to make ten:
10. Spring break!

*A peculiar spring fragrance well-known to all rural dwellers of Christian County, KY.

A year ago the daffodils were ready to bloom, but we were waiting for the snow to start.


Sarabeth said...

I concur with the hats and mittens. Keeping track of three sets of little mittens is noooooo fun.

Genevieve said...

Sarabeth, I still have one of the kids' orphan mittens from when they were little. As it happens, it's a mitten with a cute little face on it, so I hang it on the Christmas tree each year.

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