Sunday, April 30, 2006

Housecleaning Hints

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Over the years, I've read at least a hundred thousand hints about housecleaning. Most were quickly forgotten, but here are three that I actually remember and use.

1. Carry a laundry basket as you clean. You can quickly gather all the items that are in the wrong room and throw them in the basket. Then make everyone get their stuff out of the basket and put it away. In an emergency, you can quickly gather a lot of clutter in the basket and shove it into a closet to deal with later.

2. When in doubt, throw it out. This is a rule for the refrigerator, but it applies to all sorts of clutter. You could "throw it out" at the Goodwill. It doesn't always have to be thrown into the trash.

3. Start at the outside and work toward the middle. This is a rule for cleaning a spill without spreading it, but it's a good principle for attacking a room also.

If anyone else has any tried and true rules or principles to apply to cleaning house and controlling clutter, I would enjoy reading them.

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KennethF said...

Hey Genevieve: I run the electric vacuum, sometimes. The handle slips back and forth as I push & pull. This action controls the drive wheels to go forward & back! & It saves my back... for better daily things?
If I hit reverse in our car this often, it would be in the shop... forever. This on sale sweeper is built to take the punishment and works good! later,~(:-_))kfh

Sarabeth said...

Put your trash bags in the bottom of the trash cans. That way when you empty the trash you have a bag ready to put right in.

Robin said...

One thing that has helped me lately is to take my newly dried laundry into the bedroom. I fold each item of clothing as I put it away. I never make a pile to put away later. It seems like this helps me not to procrastinate about putting away the laundry. In one step I have folded the clothes and put them away.

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