Sunday, April 30, 2006

Kentucky Derby 2006

Life in The Upper South... And What I Think About It...

Twenty horses will race at Churchill Downs in Louisville at the world-famous Kentucky Derby on Saturday, May 6. It happens just once a year.

Some people around here will have Derby parties on Saturday. Everyone will drink mint juleps (or beer) and watch the race together. Maybe they'll do a little private betting. Some people will even go to Louisville to watch in person and do some betting.

I don't get too excited about the Derby, but I would like to attend it once to observe it all. I am not an enthusiastic gambler or a fast horse fanatic and I don't care for mint juleps but I would enjoy watching the spectators. It's traditional for the ladies to wear fancy hats. Here are some examples of Derby hats from 2000 and 2002.

Hopefully, a trip to the Kentucky Derby would include some sightseeing in Louisville as well. Much history is connected to this Ohio River port. It was founded by George Rogers Clark who was a brother to William Clark, my ancestor. We've been to Louisville a few times, but we've never had time to tour there nearly enough to satisfy me.

All in all, May 6 will be an interesting day. Isaac will be attending his Junior-Senior Prom that night so that will be a big event for him. We will probably hear or see a few scraps of the Derby while we are getting him spiffed up and decked out.

I remember Keely getting dressed for a couple of proms while the horses were getting ready to run just a few years ago. Both the Derby and the local prom are traditionally scheduled for the first Saturday in May.

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Neurotic Mom said...

I would love to go to the derby but i'll skip wearing the hat haha

Genevieve said...

I just wonder where they get those hats! Somebody has to make them. I guess there must still be milliners around.

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