Friday, May 05, 2006

Buzzards Along the Road

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Turkey buzzards, Christian County, Kentucky

Isaac and I came down the highway a few days ago and disturbed a flock of buzzards who were feasting on a dead animal. These two were so loaded with food that they didn't want to move off the roadway, and they didn't bother to fly away. They just flapped over to the fence and sat down. Isaac took this photo out the car window.

I have read that sometimes buzzards will gorge themselves so much that they can't even take off and fly.

They look big, even with their wings folded. In the air, when they spread their wings and ride the winds, it is clear that they are the largest bird in the skies of Christian County.* I love to see them in flight; their wings are beautiful and their movements are graceful.

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* Eagles are as large or larger, but I don't think we have any eagles nesting in Christian County. Bald eagles do live and nest at Land Between the Lakes, about 30-35 miles west of Hopkinsville.

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More about the turkey buzzard:
Turkey Buzzard Page: Some interesting anecdotes about buzzards as well as facts.
Audubon's description and his painting of the turkey buzzard.
Audubon buzzard painting: a nice web image of it.
Vultures of the New World: Seven species across the American continents.

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