Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy birthday, Sammie!

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About 1973Me on left, Sammie on right.
About 1973 (I think.)

My dear friend Sammie had her birthday on Wednesday, May 17. Please note that I did not call her my old friend, even though I've known her for over 40 years. I would never refer to her as old because she's approximately the same age as me.

I tried to post these photos on Wednesday but I couldn't scan them. I had to find the CD and reinstall my printer/scanner because for some reason, it thought it no longer had a scanner.

I met Sammie in the first few days of my freshman year in high school (fall of 1965). We were both funny little country girls, straight off the ranch. We had both attended one-room country schools, and we were both a little overwhelmed by high school. We became close friends and made lots of crazy, silly teenaged memories together that I won't even attempt to summarize here!

Many of the high school memories include that wild child Ricky who became Sammie's husband 33(?) years ago. Sammie and I stood up with each other in our weddings, and through the years, have kept in touch. She is better at writing letters than I am, and I am thankful that she forgives me when I don't communicate.

When I go to Nebraska and visit Sammie and Rick, it's like going home. In many ways, Sammie has been a second sister to me. We still have lots of fun and silliness when we get together.

Sammie is a strong Sandhills lady who drives huge tractors in the field, raises a big garden, and loves her flowers and Nebraska history. Until recently, she had her own herd of sheep. This spring she had no ewes to help through lambing, for the first time in at least 20 years. She and Ricky have two sons, and now two grandchildren.

Happy birthday (a little late), my dear friend, and I hope you enjoy the "then and now" photos.

(Sammie has a terrible dial-up internet connection out there in the Nebraska Sandhills. I am sure this page loads slowly for her, but I'm glad she visits here, anyhow.)

About 2003The girls, still giggling
Taken in Sammie's flower garden in 2004 (I think)

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