Thursday, July 13, 2006

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Check out the Zoom Cloud I've added in the sidebar. I have seen similar tag clouds on many blogs, and I decided to put one here just for fun.

On the first cloud or two when I was setting it up, some of the tags it came up with were just bizarre. I read in the FAQ that it bases the first cloud on the posts that happen to be in your site feed. Thus, it takes a period of time to develop a history and an accurate reflection of the blog's topics.

Someone had mentioned in the comments that you can force a lot of posts into your site feed by increasing the setting for the number of posts on the blog's main page and then republishing it. So, I tried that suggestion and now the cloud is a little more realistic.

I tried a couple of times to publish it with 999 posts on the front page. It kept giving an error, so then I published it with 200 posts on the front page. If anyone tried to visit my blog during all this, they probably had trouble loading the page.

Apparently Blogger thought I was spamming with those massive republishings. A word verification thing has now appeared on my "Create Post" page. I have to type the letters into the box before I can publish anything new.

I followed a link to a request form for Blogger to check my blog for spam. If they agree it's not spam, they'll remove the word verification thing. Hopefully they'll decide I'm innocent.

Update: I think they've also removed my blog from the "Recently Updated" and "Next Blog" lists. I also don't think they're publishing my site feed. I feel isolated.

Update: Yay! I got an e-mail from Google saying that I've been taken off the spammer list, and sure enough, I don't have a word verification box on the "Create Post" page now. And I think I was mistaken about the site feed, by the way. It was still being published.

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Wrkinprogress said...

Don't worry honey! I'm here! You're still all the way live! :D

Genevieve said...

That's good to know! :D

I take back what I said about my site feed. It seems to still be going out. The word verification thing is a real pain, though!

Phil said...

I don't see the tag cloud. Did you remove it?

Phil said...

nevermind... I realized that I was blocking scripts from and, so it wasn't showing up.

Genevieve said...

Gosh, blocking my cloud?! I can't believe it! ;)

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