Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tomatoes Someday...

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These little pear tomatoes will be showing some color soon ... I hope! That's my cage of leaf compost behind them. This vine is huge! It's sprawling everywhere and it's loaded with little green tomatoes.

This is my entry in Dr. Charles' Tomato Exhibition. Entrants so far are posted here. Thanks to Sarabeth for posting the link.


Dill, zinnias, and marigold are in the foreground. In the background, cucumbers are growing up and out onto their wooden pallet trellis. I've left lots of blank area for them to spread into.

My garden is really late this year! Lots of people are already eating tomatoes, zucchini, beans, and more from their gardens.

Fortunately, Kentucky has a long growing season, so we'll still enjoy some produce from our own garden this summer -- just a little later than usual.

Right now, the only thing I'm harvesting is some bouquets of zinnias.

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heelers said...

Just wandered by. Enjoyed what I saw. The spammers are insufferable. Loved your recent accounts of ranch life.
How I needed your writings this weekend just to relax.
Dankeschon, James

Anonymous said...

glad you found the "contest." welcome, and i dig the compost pile. i wish i had enough space to compost. thanks for stopping by, and keep in touch :)

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