Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treaters

Fun with costumes!


With all the intense politics going on right now, both locally and nationally, it's a relief to indulge in some Halloween silliness. Our only "trick-or-treaters" tonight were our 80-year-old neighbor who was costumed as a white bird of unknown species and her daughter who was the designated driver, thank goodness. I don't think Miss M. could see very well through her mask.

I should explain that we live about ten miles out of town and a quarter-mile off the highway. We never get trick-or-treaters here, but we always buy some candy just in case. Or at least, that's our excuse for buying some candy.


the.chronicler said...

Great costume !

I love the creativity of this season.

Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

Yes, I agree with Chronicler - I think she looks adorable. So glad she got to go trick-or-treating - a youthful soul!!!

Wrkinprogress said...

Genevieve, one of the many things I like about you is your ability to see the good in life, even if it's just a little glimpse. Thank you so much for providing sometimes much-needed perspective for those of us lucky enough to have discovered your blog. My question, though, is: when do you publish??? :) I'm ready to stand in line to have your book autographed at my local indie bookstore. ;)

How's that for incentive???

Genevieve said...

Yes, Miss Margie is a very young 80-year-old, and even her appearance hasn't kept up with her years. She could probably pass for 60.

WIP, you are a good motivator. To write a book, I would have to set up my computer in the shed so I could have some peace and quiet!

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