Thursday, October 05, 2006

Moms in Scouting

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Our Boy Scout troop is really short of male leaders right now. Most of the boys have dads, but most of the dads work nights and weekends. Unfortunately, those are the times that most Scouting takes place.

Everytime the Scouts do anything, a minimum number of adult leaders has to be with them. We have just a couple men who can make it to some meetings and activities. Dennis is supposed to be the Scoutmaster, but he can't do much at present due to his broken bones.

Thus, moms are trying to take up the slack this year. It's a big change for this troop, because for many years (up until the early months of 2006,) enough dads have always been available.

Tonight, they asked for a couple of moms to volunteer for an upcoming camping trip. It will be just a day and a night. I said I'd go, and finally, another mom volunteered as well. I have to commend her for having an adventurous spirit. She's like me -- no spring chicken, but she's still raising a son. I'm not sure she's ever camped before. She works at a bank.

Later, Isaac told me, "Mom, you're the toughest one of those women." That's his opinion, not mine, but I was happy he thought so. I will wager that I'm the only one of them who has her own tent.

It's funny to think about the other Scout moms and wonder who'd survive in the woods. I wonder if Scout dads size each other up like that.

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Collagemama said...

I love the tough mama evaluation! I didn't last very far past the Tiger Cub leader mom status. Scout moms are useful for far more than sewing on all those patches. Once the dads took over, the planning and scheduling got all loosy-goosy!

Genevieve said...

Having done Cub Scouts without any men for a number of years, I was really thankful when they finally did take over and I could retire! We still have enough guys to run the meetings, thank goodness.

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