Monday, October 16, 2006

Forsythia in Autumn

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Fall forsythia

Rain is falling in the Kentucky Pennyrile today, and the skies are gray. Despite the gloomy day, my forsythia bush is looking pretty with burgundy foliage and bright blossoms. I like its autumn look.

In the spring, every branch of the entire shrub is intensely, completely yellow. In fact, my eyes don't even enjoy that much bright yellow, except as a statement that spring has arrived. In autumn, its sprinkle of blossoms isn't so overpowering.

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Collagemama said...

How funny. Much as I loved the blooming forsythia bushes promising spring in SE Nebraska, I have no, zero, nada recollection of any fall color!

Genevieve said...

This bush is only about ten years old. It was a cultivar, (improved variety) but I don't remember its name.

We also have a forsythia bush (clump) that's who-knows-how-old. It doesn't have half as many blooms and it doesn't color as nicely in the fall.

heelers said...

Your recent pix are great. The sky one with the soya bean field especially for me. Your cat pix are a treat too. There's a photographer called Tony Mendoza (not to be mixed up with a Cuban American artist of the same name) who took a great series of cat pix published as "Ernie." Like you he perseveres in finding the right shot. He really set the bar for cat pix!

Genevieve said...

I will look for "Ernie" because I'm sure I'd enjoy it. I admit to having a soft spot for cats. :)

Sammie said...

My forsythia doesn't get pretty colored leaves either. And no fall flowers either. I am always happy if we don't get a late freeze in the spring so it will bloom. I find it renews my spirit after winter. This was one of the first bushes I planted here about 20 years ago.

Genevieve said...

I think there are more fall flowers on the forsythia this year than usual. Some other shrubs put out a few fall blossoms here too. I think that the shrubs undergo the hot dry weather of Kentucky summer and then when fall finally comes, they say, "Oh, I've been so stressed and now I feel much better. It must be spring. Let me see if I can bloom!"

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