Friday, February 09, 2007

Early February

Life in Christian County, Kentucky...

Icy puddles

We've had the coldest February of this century, I'd guess. According to my unscientific research on Weather Underground for Hopkinsville, KY, it's been colder than average most days since the 16th of January. It's not that common for us to see ice in the puddles --that's why I took this photo.

Old oaks

These beautiful big oaks grow along the driveway of a big old farmhouse that is standing empty. These trees must be at least a century old -- very possibly more than that. I am not good at identifying the species of oak at this distance, but I don't think they are white oaks because their bark is too dark. Southern red oaks are very common here, so that would be my guess.

Rural landscape

These barns belong to a Mennonite farm. The Mennonite farmers here often buy silos that are no longer being used, tear them down, move them and reconstruct them. That works out well for both buyer and seller.

Keeling Hill

Keeling Hill rises out of the farmland northeast of Fairview, KY, just a mile or two out of town. It's on the southern tip of one finger in a group of ridges. I wrote a little about this land formation last July in the post, "Pilot Rock."

Long Pond

This is the Long Pond of Long Pond Road, I assume. At any rate, Long Pond Road passes over the dam that creates this pond, and there are no other ponds of size along the way. I can never drive by it without taking a photo. (See the pond in autumn in the post, "Seen on Long Pond Road.") It's a lovely place, and I have often wondered whether it is a good fishing spot!


On February 9, 2006, I posted photos of a light snow and wrote about "Happenings in the Night."


RunAwayImagination said...

Thank you once again for your beautiful photos and insights into Nature and life. You're one of my favorite bloggers, for good reason.

Genevieve said...

Thank you for stopping by to read and comment, Runaway. I hope you're keeping Nashville under control since I can't be there. ;)

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