Saturday, May 27, 2006

Coffee is good for you!

Some Interesting News... And What I Think About It...

Coffee CupI realize that some people just don't care for the taste of coffee. I realize that others should not drink coffee because of their unique health problems. I also realize that some folks don't want to be dependent on caffeine or any other drug.

Amongst these folks, there's a handful of people who are quite smug about their coffee-free lives and often hint that coffee drinkers are a bit ... self-indulgent.

I know a few anti-coffee fanatics like this, so I'm amused that several recent studies have shown that drinking coffee has great health benefits. Here's a report that was in the news yesterday:
Agence France-Presse, by staff
Friday, May 26, 2006

OSLO (AFP) - Drinking coffee in moderation, up to five cups a day, can reduce the chances of contracting cardio-vascular diseases, Parkison's and Alzheimer's, a study by Norwegian researchers showed.

The researchers based their findings on data from 27,000 women in the United States. Those who drank between one and three cups of coffee daily reduced the risk of contracting cardio-vascular diseases and 'inflammatories' by between 20 to 25 per cent."

Read the rest of the article: Coffee is good for you: Norwegian study

Another interesting article about coffee in the news focused on the psychological effects of coffee drinking. It seems that after coffee, people are more likely to accept negotiation and compromise.

ZeeNews.Com by staff
Sydney, May 27:

The next time you want someone to agree with your views, just put forth your ideas before him/her, over a cup of coffee, as a new research has revealed that caffeine works best to get messages through in the morning.

Researchers have discovered that a morning dose of caffeine can work wonders to drive home a persuasive message.

Read the rest of the article: Coffee has the power of pursuasion

Coffee potI started drinking coffee when I was in high school. I usually drink 2 to 4 mugs of coffee a day. I differentiate between coffee mugs and cups because I think most mugs hold at least 10 ounces if filled to the brim, whereas a true cup is just 8 ounces.

I used to have a coffee percolator that looked much like the image at right. I still have a couple of stove-top percolators. I keep them for no-electricity emergencies, such as when an ice storm knocks out the power or we're going camping. But most of the time, I use my Mr. Coffee. It has a "Brew later" function so I can make the coffee the night before, set the timer, and get up the next morning to hot coffee.

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Trixie said...

I never got into a coffee habit myself, but I love that there's this whole ritual sort of thing wrapped around it. There just isn't that kind of thing involved with my Diet Coke habit!

Genevieve said...

There is a nice bit of ritual about good friends sitting around the kitchen table having a cup of coffee together. But for serious ritual you have to be a British tea drinker. :D

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