Monday, May 15, 2006

Fairly healthy, all considered

All In The Family...

Today I went to the doctor. I don't like going to the doctor. In fact, I would never see the doctor when I am feeling well, except that he has the power of the pen. I take several prescription medicines, and he doesn't renew them without seeing me.

The good doctor was so pleased to see my blood pressure and cholesterol in healthy ranges today that he didn't chide me for weighing five pounds more than last time. (I am still going to carry on with my diet though.)

I asked him about the shoulder that has been giving me considerable discomfort for about six weeks now. He stretched my arm upward in a way that hurt terribly and then made me move my hand. This left me begging for mercy and seemed to assure him that it was a rotator cuff injury.

I am supposed to take Motrin for the next two weeks plus do an exercise. If that doesn't help, he will give me a shot of cortisone, and if that doesn't help, I have to go to physical therapy. Since I don't want a shot in my shoulder and I don't want physical therapy, I think I'll do the exercise faithfully.

I think I pulled my shoulder when mowing under a tree. I lifted a branch with one hand and drove under it while I was holding it up. I went a little faster than I had intended and my arm went over backwards a little farther than it should have. So take heed, y'all, and don't do that.


LittleOne said...

Hope you recover quickly!

Neurotic Mom said...

Hope you feel better soon

Trixie said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon. If my doctor was as cute as your little cartoon doctor, I'd go more often! He looks like he has lollypops in his coat pocket!

Genevieve said...

If that were my doctor, you could have full confidence that they would be sugar-free lollypops. :D

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