Friday, May 19, 2006

Kentucky Sunrise

Life in Christian County, Kentucky...

Kentucky sunrise

I came across this photo while I was looking for photos of Sammie and me, so I scanned it for the blog.

I took this at sunrise one July morning several years ago for the landscape category of the "Day in the Life of Christian County" contest. It did not win, but I still like the photo. I used a zoom lens to look from the roadside across the hills and valleys. This area is about five miles north of our home.


Wrkinprogress said...

Oh Genevieve! How glorious! Hubby and I are going to have to explore more of Kentucky, when we can afford the gas! lol I know this can't be too terribly far from us, and we do love to take country drives to new places which have such natural beauty. :) Thanks for sharing this with us all!


KennethF said...

Hey Gene:

There must have been some real stiff competition for that outstanding shot not to win first place? The magic of the moment continued with your sweet camera.. again! & Thanks so much for another five star posting, yours most sincerely.

KennethF ~(:-_))-

ps: 30+ years ago I enjoyed a home braided type of chewing tobacco from Mammouth Cave in KY. It was memmorabbly right and limited supply for old friends and good neighbors. :)yum!

Genevieve said...

Yes, it was stiff competition. There was just one winner in each category, and the winning photo was really beautiful.

It had a lake with big dark hills in the background, reflections of trees on the water, and wildflowers in the foreground. It was an awesome photo. I think it was a digital image. Digital cameras were just becoming popular then. (This was maybe 8 years ago or so.)

They don't even have the contest anymore for Christian County. That was the last year for it. I think they do have a "Day in the Life of Trigg County" contest still, which is the next county to the west of us.

Genevieve said...

WIP, I don't know outdoorsy you guys are, but Land Between The Lakes, which is about 30 miles of Hopkinsville, is a great vacation area. It's national park land (now, used to be TVA), there's great fishing, and nice camping areas that are very reasonable in price. There's a wildlife center, a buffalo and elk range, and visitor's center with a large telescope for nighttime stargazing. We go at least once every summer and just set up a tent and kick back. It's great to arrive on Monday and leave about Thursday. It's quiet and peaceful and very relaxing. Nearby towns have interesting antique stores. ;)

Tudorw said...

It's wonderful how a telephoto lens compresses distance and changes perspective to give a nice composition such as this.

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