Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Playful Moments

All In The Family...

We've been having trouble with the pump on our well and we've had running water for only brief intervals since Sunday morning. These problems finally came to an end this afternoon with the installation of a new pump. We didn't have to pay for the pump because it was still under warranty, but we did have to pay the pump repairman an exorbitant sum for the day he spent tinkering with our electricity and water.

While the pump guy was installing the new pump this afternoon, our old tomcat jumped into the box that it had come in. Happy is elderly and arthritic, but inside the box, he had a flashback to his frisky kitten days. First he pounced with loud thumps on imaginary prey in every corner. Then he snaked out his paw between the top flaps of the box to see what he might snag. I broke off a long grass stem and tickled his paw. Oh, how wild he was as he tried to catch it. It was funny to see our sedate old cat act so silly.

A new box has several good uses. Later, Happy climbed into it, curled up and slept for several hours. I guess he was tired from all that wild play. I could have thrown the box away this evening after he finally woke up, but I left it there for him to enjoy again tomorrow.

Happy's antics and the long hot shower I had this evening were definitely the bright spots of this day.

Happy in the boxUpdate: The next morning. Happy is still enjoying his box.

Happy earlier this springHappy refused to smile for this portrait.
(Taken earlier this spring.)

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Limey said...

I have two small children that take a similar delight in empty boxes. They are of course usually slightly bigger :)

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