Sunday, May 07, 2006

Seen at the Flower Shop

Life in Christian County, Kentucky...

Back porch of a flower shopThe flower shop's back porch

These two photos were taken at West and Witherspoon, a flower shop on South Virginia Street in Hopkinsville.

Old bookcase in a flower shopAn old bookcase with an attractive paint job.

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LittleOne said...


Do you have a flower garden? You seem to know a lot about flowers, plants, etc. If you have a garden, I'd love to see a picture.

By the way, Mom's impressed that I know so much about the goings on in Hopkinsville. Your blog is my connection to home. Thanks for helping me feel like I'm home.

Genevieve said...

A flower garden - well, no not really. We have about 2 acres in the country. I have planted a lot of perennials and shrubs but it would take a lot more planting for any part of it to be called a flower garden. I do have some beds of perennials.

I also plant a vegetable garden every year, but it's not yet in any shape for a photo. I used to plant a big garden and do lots of canning from it, but I don't have that kind of energy anymore. Besides, I fed them green beans and applesauce for so many years that they will hardly eat them anymore. :D

I know about many of the plants, shrubs and trees I have because I researched thoroughly before choosing and planting them. I went to the library numerous times and checked out every book they had that pertained, made extensive notes about plants that sounded good, got info from the Extension Service, studied the catalogs, and so on.

Genevieve said...

While I was taking a shower and washing away the lawn-mowing dust, I thought of a couple more things I should have said about my botannical studies.

Over the years that we've lived here, I've built a personal reference library about trees, shrubs and plants. I found many of the books at estate sales, library sales, eBay etc. I recently thinned them out to about 4 feet of bookshelf space.

Of all these books, my favorite volume is "Native Trees, Shrubs, and Vines for Rural and Urban America" by Gary L. Hightshoe. It is an expensive but information-packed book. My husband got it for me for Christmas one year.

I did so much research on native trees that I decided to make a website about native trees of Kentucky. So I had that on the internet for several years.

It is not currently posted anywhere, but I still have it on my computer. When it was on the internet, I had it at a couple of free website places, and that didn't work out well. As soon as you start getting any traffic, they want to charge you money or get rid of you.

So, I've decided that if I ever put rework it and put it back on the internet, I will get my own domain name and pay for a place to put it.

LittleOne said...

Sounds like you would be a good source of information if I had a question about trees and shrubs. Of course, there may be some differences up here in Indiana. I have a shrub that grows in my backyard. I don't know what it is, but it is just now starting to bloom. I'll put a picture on my blog. Maybe you'll recognize it. No one else seems to know what it is! My husband says it may be a "flowering crab bush," but he's not an expert.

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