Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Thunderstorm at dawn

Life in Christian County, Kentucky...

Storm clouds across the field

It's been storming in the night and it looks like more weather is coming in from the west.


Wrkinprogress said...

I've been browsing your blog this morning, at the suggestion of my hubby, RunawayImagination, and I can see why he enjoys reading you so much! You have a lovely way of describing the world around you, and a definite knack for storytelling. You also have the ability to write uplifting narratives for your beautiful photos, which I much appreciate.

I've just added you to my toolbar so I can access both of your blogs (LOVE easy recipes!) more readily.

Peace and many blessings to you,

Genevieve said...

I am greatly honored, and I appreciate your kind words very much. But please don't feel like you have to praise me like that all the time. :) All comments, large or small, are much enjoyed by me.

I need to type up some more recipes for the other blog. I have slowed down on it lately because the yard work is cutting into my computer time! Darn, that grass grows fast this time of the year.

KennethF said...

Hey Gene: See, I'm not the only one who knows when somebody goes over the top on almost ALL postings & photos!!
All of you flowers and good stuff is way out in front of ours in WPA... weather and all. later,~(:-_))kfh

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