Monday, May 08, 2006

Winter wheat

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Winter wheat

Across Christian County, and indeed, across America, another wheat crop is well underway. In Christian County, virtually all wheat is winter wheat. It is planted in October, and the seeds sprout and grow until the weather gets cold.

The wheat goes dormant when the cold days of winter arrive. It begins growing again when the warmer weather of early spring rouses it. Farmers usually apply some nitrogen fertilizer in February.

By June or July (depending on the variety and the weather) the wheat is mature and ready for harvest. Combines gather the grain from the wheat stalks, and trucks transport the grain from the field to a drying and storage facility, either on the farm or at a grain elevator.

Then the wheat straw is baled, and soybeans are sowed in the stubble. The soybeans mature in the fall and are harvested before winter wheat is sowed again. The soybeans help prepare the soil for the next crop because, like all legumes, they are nitrogen-fixing plants.

And so we are fed with the bounty of the land.

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KennethF said...

Hey Gene: Thanks for the comment post and please check the "wheat" link? It will not open for me correctly. I do appreciate the efforts you put into your links! They are usually taking me right where I like to go__ without all the other stops in Unwantedville?
Most sincerely, KennethF
ps: Top third sky is just right in the "Wheat" photo as well as the DOF to favor the closer in details! Beautifully done.

Genevieve said...

It should work now, Kenneth. Sorry about that. I had a different link originally, then discovered it was just going to a "buy this article" page. I changed the link and obviously I did it wrong. Thanks for letting me know!

I know what depth of field is, but I really can't claim much credit for it in this photo. The camera did it. No focus to set, no shutter speed, no F-stops -- this little Kodak digital is so easy to use that it seems almost immoral. :D

KennethF said...

Hey Gene: I am always somewhat reluctant to point out trouble__ though in your case I felt sure you would like to have things working agap.

On another note pertaining to your "Winter wheat" photo and all. When you don't have to concern yourself about the technical in photography the subject/photo/story come together in a very interesting way... when one can write as well as you! Most sincerely, ~(:-_))kfh

ps: A windy storm came through today and knocked down one of my younger backyard trees. I felt bad for the just getting started tree! (&me)

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