Wednesday, June 14, 2006

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One of the curious, creative uses people have invented for the internet is the sharing of fan fiction. Fan fiction is written by people who are fans of various popular books. They invent further adventures for the characters and post them on a specialized bulletin board for other fans to read and enjoy.

Often, the new fiction is posted chapter by chapter as it is written, and readers post comments about it much like a blog. (That's why I decided this post fit better under blogging than any other category.)

Isaac follows some of the authors at FanFiction.Net. This Harry Potter story that Isaac invited me to read a few days ago explains quite well what fan fiction is. It's a cute, amusing story written by a computer programmer whose screen name is Wishweaver. If you have a few minutes, why not take time to enjoy this writer's lively imagination?

"Well, Harry, just one more to go and then we're finished, aren't we?'

Harry Potter glanced up at the blonde-haired woman as she regarded the sixth book in her series, and ran her fingers lightly over the colorful dust cover. This summons didn't seem to be a working one. She was thinking about him, and the excitement generated by the new release, but she wasn't writing.

Harry couldn't claim to be surprised, not after six books now. He knew how she tended to operate. The release of a book always meant a little downtime for everyone. The Woman, he supposed, would go and do things more interesting than writing for hours on end, day after day, and he would go back to his shelf.

This wasn't an unusual circumstance, of course. He was returned to his shelf every time she finished writing for the day. As she began thinking of other things, he would feel the now familiar sensation of a hook being jerked behind his navel. Once dismissed, he would be returned to his shelf, but this time, instead of her fetching him again in the morning, he would remain there until she thought of him again, or was ready to start her next project...

Read the rest of the story: Harry Central.

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Sarabeth said...

Oh, you should see the Jane Austen fan fic. Oh buddy! Of course, some of it is now published in real books, not just on the internet.

Wrkinprogress said...

I have a friend who writes Scarlett O'Hara fan fiction and has for years. I had no idea there was such a thing until I met her, but apparently it's quite the thriving enterprise.


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