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Treasure at Pilot Rock or Apex in Christian County, KY

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I've noticed that several visitors have come to my blog lately, searching for information about the treasure that is supposedly buried in the Pilot Rock area of Christian County, Kentucky.

The treasure is described on Linda Linn's Kentucky Home and Ghost Stories as follows:
Christian County: Lost Treasure
There is a bag with three thousand dollars worth of gold coins buried in the area around Pilot Rock, near the town of Apex.

Folks around here say that the gold coins were payment for a large tobacco harvest that a prominent farmer in the area had sold. On the way home, the farmer and his party were ambushed and attacked, but some of the group eluded the robbers and buried the gold. They planned to retrieve it later, but they could never locate it again.

The distance between Pilot Rock and Apex must be at least 12 miles, maybe 15, as the crow flies. Trails between the two points would have meandered around and through the natural obstructions, so I am amused at the phrase, "in the area around Pilot Rock, near the town of Apex". That's very vague and it encompasses a very large area.

Most of the old trails, except those that have become paved roads or that are still used by farmers, have been abandoned and forgotten. Furthermore, much of the area is rough terrain, covered with trees, rocks, bushes, and poison ivy.

I understand that this treasure is mentioned fairly often in treasure-hunting magazines. And who knows? Someone may find it someday and be a hundred thousand dollars richer. The $3000 in gold coins is said to have appreciated that much in value.

I'd be careful about trespassing over that way. Landowners are sick and tired of meth manufacturers abusing the area, and they might lump treasure hunters into the same category.

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