Monday, June 19, 2006

Snake in a Hollow Branch

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A very large branch broke from one of the old maple trees in our yard during the storm on Saturday night. We didn't know it until Sunday. Today, a neighbor came over to help saw it up. He was packing up his saw and getting ready to leave when he noticed this snake curled up in a hollow section of log.

I don't think it's a timber rattler. I think it might be a rat snake.

Snake from front
Snake from front
Snake from back
Snake from back

Sections of tree branch

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Wrkinprogress said...

Yeesh!!! Snake!!!!

Genevieve said...

That is my sentiment, exactly! :D

It's not that I hate them. I realize that snakes are mostly beneficial to man. It's just that it always gives me such a start to see one.

I think this is probably the same big snake that has been seen in that part of the yard for a couple of years now.

One time I was mowing out there and I drove by a tree and thought, My gosh, what a big trunk that vine has! Then I realized it was a snake!

I went to the house and got Keely to come out to witness the size of the thing and of course he was gone. Then we looked down and realized he was right at our feet! We looked like the Roadrunner getting out of there. :D

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