Sunday, June 25, 2006

These Boots were Made for Steak Sauce

Not Easily Classified...

I was bedeviled by a small but nagging headache this morning at church. When we got home, I took a couple of extra-strength Tylenol and lay down on the sofa to watch Fox News. There's a standing joke about Mom watching "Fox-Snooze", and I did sleep for several hours.

BootI think I had many dreams, but I remember only a single scene. I was wearing knee-high leather boots and I was spreading steak sauce on them as I sat on a park bench in the cemetery. I assume that had something to do with the headache or perhaps Fox News.

Twenty-five years ago, I did own the boots in my dream. They were Frey boots, and I bought them at a railroad salvage store in Warrensburg, MO, for a fraction of what they were supposed to cost. I enjoyed those boots for several years until I became pregnant with Keely and my feet grew a full size. The boots were too tight after that and I gave up wearing them, but Keely was worth it.

I stuffed the boots with newspapers and kept them in the back of the closet for years until finally they fit Keely. They weren't considered stylish at middle school so Keely rarely wore them and soon she outgrew them too. I finally donated them to the church garage sale. I hope someone is still getting some use from them -- and I hope no one is spreading steak sauce or any other condiments on them!

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