Saturday, July 01, 2006

E-mail from Matthew

And What I Think About It...

Received by e-mail today from Matthew:

Do not ignore me please,
I foundb your email somewhere and now deacided to write you.
Ia am coming to your place in few wbeeks and thbought bwe
can meet each othebr. Let me know if you do not mind.
I am aa nice pretty girl.b Don't reply to bthis email.
Email me direclty at ...

I'm not ignoring you, Matthew, you nice pretty girl. I'm posting your e-mail here so everyone can be amazed by it and laugh.

Good grief!

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Wrkinprogress said...

Hey! Isn't that a character from the Fat Albert cartoon show? It sure sounds like him....or is it her?

Neurotic Mom said...

LOL i get those too

Trixie said...

Isn't it amazing what people will spam us with? I get so many like that too. One of my favorites was from "Emmy CoolFace."

Sarabeth said...

I got one today from a bank president in Dubai. Or was it Djibouti?

Phil said...

Those crazy spammers. Sometimes I question the effectiveness of their methods, but they sure are persistent!

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