Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fire at Valentine, NE

Life in The Nebraska Sandhills...

For those who are interested in the happenings in the Sandhills:

Branch Responsible for Valentine Wildfire
North Platte [NE] Telegraph by Diane Wetzel, July 18, 2006

A tree branch rubbing on a power line was responsible for the destruction or damage of a dozen homes and approximately four square miles of land north of Valentine.

Jim Bunstock, public information specialist with Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, said the arc created by the branch created sparks, which ignited dry grasses below.

Read more: Branch Responsible for Valentine Wildfire

The article mentions that the temperature was 113° and the humidity was 9% on the day of the fire. On the weather forecast for my old hometown, I saw that the weather service is issuing Fire Weather Watches. It is dry up there!

UPDATE has posted some photos of the Valentine wildfire.

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Wrkinprogress said...

Oh my word! 113 degrees and 9% humidity??? I thought this was the midwest, not the desert!

RunAwayImagination said...

A dozen homes! According to the 2000 census, that's about ten percent of Valentine's housing stock.

Susan Ward said...

Another round of fires right now. 7-21-2012. 110* temp today. Please pray for us. They are not slowing down. If you are interested log onto for for info.

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