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Great Road Name Lost

Life in Christian County, Kentucky... The Rural Life... And What I Think About It... A Small Detour from the Cheerful Ramble...

FrogBecause of petty criminals, "Froghop Road" in Christian County no longer exists. Its name has been changed to "Woody Shelton Road" by the County Board of Magistrates. The new sign is in place, and another great road name has been lost to the public.

I understand why the Magistrates decided to change the road name. The road signs were expensive and someone wouldn't stop stealing them. As stewards of the county coffers, they decided this was a fairly easy problem to solve and thus we now have "Woody Shelton Road" instead of "Froghop Road". No one has stolen the new sign, and probably no one ever will.

I liked the old name. It was a bit of gentle humor from times goneby that lifted folks' hearts for a moment whenever it was read or spoken, a gift with a smile from the past.

"Froghop Road" was an affectionate name that hinted at the road's meandering passage through trees and rocky hills. Wandering by remote meadows and small fields, dipping down to cross Buck Fork River and Weathers Branch, it traverses the wilds between the Allegre Road and the Kirkmansville Road. It's a wagon trail that was paved but never straightened, an old road made by early settlers who followed the footpath of Indians who walked the trail made by deer, elk, and other creatures of the Kentucky wilderness.

For a while, people will still call it Froghop Road, but little by little, the old folks will die off and the young folks will forget. In another generation, children who live on Woody Shelton Road will be shocked that it ever had a different name.

Too bad vandals had to ruin it. They'd better hope I never see a "Froghop Road" signs in their barns or houses, because I'll turn them in for theft of public property -- both the sign and the road name.

I know it's just a little thing, and it's not ruining my life, but I hate it when nice things are spoiled forever by jerks.

Fearsville is the largest settlement on the map.
It has a population of 50 to 75 people, maybe.
The darker green on the map is woodlands
and the lighter green is agriculture.

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Anonymous said...

Woody Shelton was a friend of mine growing up in Todd Co.

Genevieve said...

It's nice that you know who he is. I'm still partial to the colorful name, "Froghop Road" though. :)

Anonymous said...

In the old days Kirkmansville was called Froghop.

Genevieve said...

That's very interesting. Too bad they changed it!

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