Thursday, May 25, 2006

Large houses in West Berlin

Another Trip Down Memory Lane... Life In Germany...

Homes in West Berlin

I have always thought that this is an interesting photo. I came across it while searching for the photo of the old cottonwoods for my story about walking home from school.

When we lived in our second home in Berlin, I frequently walked through the neighborhoods around Heinersdorfer Strasse with my two little children. Keely had a tricycle with a long handle on it so she could pedal but I could restrain her when necessary, and I packed Isaac in a baby carrier on my chest. This photo was taken on one of our walks.

This photo captures the angular block-like appearance of many of the big stucco homes that were built after World War II. The sun is shining through a carport.

Most of these large homes had a family or two on each floor. Sometimes they were family homes with grandparents, parents, and children on different floors, and sometimes they were apartment houses with renters.


Phil said...

How long were you in Berlin?

Genevieve said...

We were there for three years, from 1988 through 1991.

KennethF said...

Hey Genevieve,
I think it is too! That carport looks like, something else? The shadow and sun combine in a starkly grand way.
You did all friends right to save & share this one!
It is qiute difficult to find so much black on a clear sunny day.
The in between contrast in shades some how became lost at your most unique perspective.
I'm also a King Tut fan, KennethF

&ps: My father's side of our family is from Transylvania.

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