Saturday, June 17, 2006

After The Rain

Life in Christian County, Kentucky...

After the rainGray sky after the rain

About 4:30 this afternoon, a thunderstorm swept in from the southeast. The wind came first with a terrible blast, followed by sheets of rain, lightning strikes, and booming thunder.

We saw a lot of damage in the wheat fields when we went to Hopkinsville this evening. The strong winds laid big patches of ripe wheat flat on the ground. Some of it will spring back up when it dries, but I don't think all of it will.

On the bright side, we really needed the rain. It was starting to get dry and dusty here, and June is too early for that. July, August, and September are usually our dry months of the year. This rain will probably be enough for the corn crop to finish growing. The corn was already looking very good, and this rain and the natural nitrogen in it will give it another growth surge just as it begins forming its ears.

A few bolts of lightning came down (or sprang up, scientists would say) very close to the house and we apparently had some damage somewhere in the connection of the external modem to the phone line. To connect to the internet, I had to disconnect the external modem and use the modem inside the computer. I will conduct scientific experiments tomorrow to see exactly where the problem is. It might be the line that goes to the external modem, not the modem itself.

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heelers said...

Enjoyed this photo and loved your account of the cattle drive a few posts back. James

Genevieve said...

James, I'm so glad you stopped by. :)

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