Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back to Full Feed

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Those who keep track of this blog through a reader -- (Google Reader, Bloglines, Yahoo Homepage, Netvibes, etc. -- will notice that I've gone back to a full feed.

I am doing this so Technorati will pick up and list my tags again. My tags used to work just fine. Then they quit working. Now, I'm hoping that with the full feed and another tweak, they'll work again.

In case anyone else is having this problem, there is a link to your atom feed that you can put in the head section of the blog template html that might help, along with using a full feed.

Also, I read on the Technorati site that tags that are in the footer section of the blog post will not be picked up. For Technorati, tags have to be in the body of the post.

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Sarabeth said...

I am happy that the full feeds are back.

Where I live there is an aggregator for all the blogs from the Charlottesville area. We had a huge discussion in the comments of the administrator's blog regarding the type of feeds that should be used. We all agreed that the flickr photos should be struck as they were only annoying. However, when it came to a full feed or a lead in feed the discussion became much more interesting. A few people were angry (strong word, but they chose it) that people would read the aggregator and not click over to their blog, which decreased their overall traffic. There were those who were just happy that people were reading what we wrote. One person said it best--a short feed requires that the author works to get readers to continue the story by traveling over to the blog. This means that blogs will become more like newspapers with sensational headlines and tag lines that draw people in, instead of the personal essays that usually don't contain those types of journalistic tools.

So, I'm glad you're back to full feeds.

Genevieve said...

I get a significant bit of traffic here from the Technorati tags, and I hated losing that, so it's back to the full feed until the pendulum swings the other way again. :)

I went to a short feed not to try to force people to click through to the blog, but because I had read quite a few stories about people's blogs being scraped from their feeds and republished with not even any attribution.

In fact, I've seen that happen with my recipe blog. I'd really be fuming if I stumbled upon a republishing of Prairie Bluestem or Tree Notes! Hopefully, if such a thing ever happens, I won't find out about it, because I'll need a double dose of blood pressure meds if I do.

Sarabeth said...

I've read about content thieves, but I've yet to really get who is doing the taking. How do you figure it out if feed has been used?

Genevieve said...

You should watch who is linking to you, though if they provide a link, it might be argued that they are giving you credit (though they may be violating the copyright you have stipulated.)

You can also check at places like Copyscape.

Here is a good article about dealing with website plagiarism.

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