Saturday, April 21, 2007

Prom Pics

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Isaac has driven off to pick up his date and go to dinner and then prom. As he walked out the door in a cloud of Axe, he remarked that it felt really weird to be so dressed up, this far out in the country.

Isaac dressed in prom tux
Isaac dressed in prom tux

UPDATE: Isaac reports that he had a really good time.

His mother (that's me!) was very frustrated about the picture-taking opportunities. Had I opportunity to do it again, I would arrange to go to the date's house and get some photos of Isaac with his date there.

Getting some photos at the Grand Entrance was never a problem when the prom was held at the school gym. If Isaac weren't a senior, I'd make some suggestions about this year's setup. But since he's unlikely to attend another prom, I'll leave all that complaining to other mothers.

This year's prom was at the James Bruce Convention Center. I paid my fee of $3.00 to go in, and once inside I wished I had saved my money. The prom attendees were being announced at one end of a long, narrow, and very crowded foyer. They walked down a staircase, paused a moment for photos, and then walked a few steps into the ballroom.

I couldn't see over the heads and shoulders of those ahead of me and couldn't hear over the chatter. I was fuming, but little by little, I pushed through the crowd and eventually worked my way nearly to the front. I saw many of Isaac's friends go by with their dates but couldn't take their pictures because I was jostled constantly as I tried to peer over shoulders.

When I finally saw Isaac coming down the stairway with Kelsey, I just said, "Excuse me," and pushed my way in front of everyone. I called Isaac's name and they paused for a second so I could take my ONE photo as they passed into the ballroom.

Isaac says not to worry because Kelsey's mom took zillions of photos at the house, so I instructed him to let Kelsey know that he would pay for reprints. Isaac also gave his camera to Kelsey's little brother during the photo session, so maybe some of those photos will be good.

This frustrating experience was probably good practice for being a mother-in-law.

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